The Haunting was formed in late 2014 by Shawn and Andy of Psycho 38 and Slug and Pat of Lugosi's Morphine. At first they were learning as many cover songs as possible but quickly began writing and demoing their own material. Before long most of the equipment needed to have a fully functioning home studio was aquired. This initial lineup recorded four demos (Die Tonight, Olivia, They Come For Your Blood and Haunting A-Go-Go). After almost a year with this lineup Andy and Slug left on good terms to start their own band covering their punk favorites in The Disorders. This left Shawn and Pat to Re-Boot The Haunting, I mean there were more songs to finish and record. During this down time they began laying down the basic tracks for what would become "A Day Late, A Dollar Short, And A Penny Dreadful". During the sessions bassist Brain (also from Psycho 38) was brought in to add killer bass lines to the album. After the CD release and a few shows the band took a much needed break and started slowly working on a few songs ideas that were not finished in time for Penny. These sessions became The Butcher E.P. yet again a new bassist Tim Disgust (also from) Lugousi's Morphine) was brought onboard for the low end. This lineup continued on to Record BloodBath and continue to write and record new music.